“This was probably the best training I have ever attended. Your attention to detail, materials, and ability to present in a reachable manor far exceeded my expectations. You were engaging, informative, and real. I would recommend this course to anyone in HR regardless of the size of your company. Succession planning is key to my success as an HR Business Partner with UC Davis Health and I am grateful for the empowerment I feel and skills I acquired as a participant in your course. I look forward to implementing what I learned in my department and now have the confidence and tools I need to demonstrate the value of Succession Planning with our Executive Leaders and get a great strategy in place. Thank you for sharing your craft, you are truly gifted at what you do!”
Michelle Harris

“Doris is a subject matter expert in Talent Review & Succession Planning Management. Her rich experience, combined with her consultative mindset, makes Doris a trusted resource to ‘students’ in her workshops and a valuable partner to any organization in enhancing their talent management strategy.”
Scotty Lombardi, Hunter Industries Inc.

“Doris facilitates great workshops! Having just gone through implementing our company’s Talent Benchstrength strategy, it was refreshing and insightful to hear her talk through the steps, 1 by 1. It was also helpful in formulating ideas and suggested tweaks we could do to make our delivery of talent reviews even better in years to come! Many facilitators I’ve had before have been self-promoting and egotistical about their intellectual property, yet Doris is incredibly focused on not only helping others logistically pull together talent review meetings, but also developing into confident facilitators. Her patience and instruction were beyond measure!”
Tiffany White, Sr. Organizational Design & Development Consultant, General Motors Financial, 2018 Workshop Attendee

“Very practical and valuable information, the content goes from high level strategy of Talent Management and Succession down to practical details. A great opportunity to exchange experiences with other HR professionals and to expand the network.”
Valéria Hill, People Development Processes, SKF Group, 2017 Workshop Participant

“I recommend the Talent Review-Succession Strategy Seminar to talent professionals looking to either introduce a talent strategy or take what you have to the next level. Doris has a unique perspective on the topic and generously shares her wealth of knowledge.”
Michael Shipman, VP Talent Development, Rockland Trust, 2017 Workshop Participant

“Doris is clearly a go-to succession, talent bench-strength expert. She has developed a program, process, and materials that go beyond the philosophical approach so often offered. She equips those who attend her workshop with everything they need to apply what they learn in a meaningful way, and she stands ready to support as needed. Her goal is to teach people to become self-sufficient.”
Delta Emerson

“Doris is the foremost expert in creating true development of talent and maximization of that talent that inspires engagement of people. If you want to learn about excellent tools for building a top performer organization, this course and her materials deliver.”
Barb Astler, MedData

“The practical application of this seminar far exceeded by expectations. I was delighted to see that the tools and processes that Doris shared and taught had applicability far beyond the talent review/succession planning process; but could be used as resources for ongoing development and coaching for our managers.”
Russ Hall, First Interstate Bank

“The 10-step planning approach created by Doris to launch a Talent Review/Succession Management stratgy within your organization, is a well-structured and transparent approach which I can strongly recommend.”
2016 Workshop Participant

“The content provided in Doris’ Talent Review-Succession Workshop is very detailed and practical, and connects every aspect of talent management. Doris’ experience in the world of talent management added lots of value to her facilitation of the workshop. I feel this is a must attend program for any talent management professional seeking to add value to their own personal career and to their organization.”
Adebayo Akinloye, Learning and Talent Development Manager, DAL Group – North Africa

“Doris Sims Spies is a true master of talent reviews and succession planning. Without hesitation, I highly recommend her to any person, whom, and any organization that, is serious about using best practice and evidence based methodology for succession planning. The best part for me, is that I now have a solid system, structure and process to implement into my organization. The two days were enjoyable, and evenly balanced between gaining information and engaging in group activities. Finally, she had numerous handouts, books, workbooks, etc. for you to use and take back to your job.”
2015 Talent Review-Succession Workshop: Dr. Glen B. Earl

“I would highly recommend Doris Sims Spies’ Succession Planning Workshop to any HR practitioner who is contemplating implementing any type of Succession Planning at his/her organization. The class is well designed, full of content and practical application. I have been to seminars which are far more expensive and walked away less prepared. Doris does a tremendous job!”
2015 Workshop Participant: Amy Jones, SPHR CTI Group, Inc.

“While the insight, knowledge, and expertise provided by Doris and the other presenters was immensely beneficial, the connections and relationships built with the other attendees will help keep us on the leading edge of Succession Management. Finding other practitioners experiencing the same successes and struggles isn’t easy, but through this workshop and conference we were able to unite.”
2014 Conference Attendee – Kohler Corporation

Doris is a true expert in Succession Planning! She lives it and breathes it, and it really shows when she’s talking about it. I gained a lot of practical advice during her training. She has a nice balance of strategy and practicality.
2013 Talent Review-Succession Virtual Course Participant

This seminar is very valuable. It goes straight to the point, it gives you strong advice on each of the Talent Benchstrength® phases, and it is certainly built up with a lot of good arguments from real life experience. It can apply to any market, I am from LATAM and everything made a lot of sense to me. Thank you Doris for sharing your knowledge!
2013 Workshop Participant

Doris is a true expert in Succession Planning! She lives it and breathes it, and it really shows when she’s talking about it. I gained a lot of practical advice during her training. She has a nice balance of strategy and practicality.
2013 Workshop Participant

“Even though much of my expertise is focused in the areas of talent management and succession planning, I was surprised by how many new things I learned in Doris’ workshop – she is truly a subject matter expert who genuinely enjoys sharing her knowledge!”
Barbara Wilhelm

“Doris has real expertise on the topic of succession planning. Her strategies are effective because they are based on real-world challenges. I recommend Doris for anyone seeking to acquire a working knowledge of how to establish and facilitate an SP process in their organization”
2011 Boston Workshop Participant

“Doris packs everything she can into this 2 day workshop. Hold on and get ready for the ride.”
January 2011 Workshop Participant

“This workshop was great….for me, the timing was just perfect. The information shared in the workshop will be extremely valuable in making our succession management process a success. Great job in making the workshop interactive and very informative…Thanks Doris!”
January 2011 Workshop Participant

“Doris is a passionate speaker and brings excitement to the program with an energy that leaves you believing you can be successful with implementing Talent Management if you plan, practice and report on the program.”
June 2010 Workshop Participant

“The Succession Builders Workshop provides an excellent format for learning the “nuts and bolts” of building a talent management program. Doris Sims Spies’ in-depth knowledge of succession planning and talent management is evident as she expertly leads participants through the course content.”
Deborah L. Barnett, SPHR

“Excellent workshop that explains Talent Management in a clear and concise way.  Doris provides valuable insight on how this is applied in the real world along with her best practice recommendations.”
June 2009 Workshop Participant

“Doris and the team at Succession Builders truly knocks through the cloudiness that is Talent Management. Succession Builders provides HR the tools to bring an exciting and robust Talent Management process to non-HR professionals by way of meaningful correlations and examples. You will be ready to drive your process with turn-key materials and excellent reference materials. Doris and her team are always a phone call away if you need guidance! “
June 2009 Workshop Participant

“I work with succession planning and leadership development and found Doris’ Talent Review process key in the identification of high performing/high potential employees. Doris’ workshop gave me all the tools and hands on experience I needed to plan and conduct effective talent reviews and then follow up on the data gathered. Thank you Doris!”
Donna Kuykendall Manager, Talent Growth and Development, Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation

“Doris delivers trainings with a personal touch, and shares useful and practical advice from her extensive experience. She takes efforts to remember the names and details about all the participants. She also facilitates with ease an open atmosphere for discussion, and brings interactivity into the classroom like no other.”
Ng Xinyao hired Doris as a Corporate trainer in 2008 in Singapore, and has hired Doris more than once.
Ng Xinyao

“I truly enjoyed Doris Sims Spies’ training program on Talent Management.  Though I’ve been facilitating talent management discussions for 4+ years, I found this program extremely informative. It provided me with additional tools and ideas to enhance my current process.  It also helped me confirm that the processes and tools I am currently using are on target. Thanks, Doris!”
Marie Thompson, Senior Learning Consultant, Boston Financial

“Great program!
Ms. Sims Spies really understands succession planning.”
Rorry Phillips, SPHR, Practice Leader — Human Capital Services, HumCap

“The workshop was the perfect opportunity to confirm that we are heading the right direction with our current talent review meeting process, while providing tools to help us improve the process in the future. Doris is extremely knowledgeable about the topic and has great facilitation skills that contribute to a robust and meaningful workshop.”
Jennifer Long, Mary Kay Inc.

“Doris is a great facilitator and has deep knowledge of Talent Management practices in a variety of industries. I recommend her highly.”
Arlene Piskor, Erie Insurance Group, Erie, PA.